Frequently Asked Questions

Car insurance from any Auto Insurance Agency comes with a validity period post which you need to renew it. However, if you have mistakenly missed out on the auto insurance renewal, it can still be renewed within a stipulated time post which, you will have to invest in a new car insurance plan altogether.

Yes, it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to Buy/Renew Car Insurance Online to avoid penalties and imprisonment. Keep in mind that at least the vehicle owner must purchase a third-party liability coverage; failing which is a punishable offense.

In the context of auto insurance, depreciation refers to the gradual loss of value of the insured vehicle from normal wear and tear. The depreciation rate is a key factor that insurance companies take into account when determining the value they agree to provide for your car based on the age of the vehicle.

Inform Find A Plan immediately upon noticing of losing your policy so that we can begin the process of issuing a duplicate policy document. You also need to lodge a formal complaint to the police so that an FIR is issued.