Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with Find a Plan regarding Property Insurance for your Home and intimate them about your mishap. Keep all the policy documents handy before contacting us.

As soon as you inform Find a Plan regarding the damage and authenticate the details, we will appoint a surveyor to take a first-hand view of the damage. We will get in touch typically within 48 hours after assessing the loss and creating a report.

The reports will then be sent to our agency along with substantiating the claim. After reviewing the case, we will process the claim within 7 business days. Before the amount is reimbursed, Find a Plan officially sends a letter intimating the claim amount.

Claims that arise from the factors listed below are not approved by our home insurance policy –

  • The wilful destruction of property
  • An effect of war
  • An act of God (earthquakes, tornados, etc.)
  • Electrical fluctuations
  • Loss of cash, bullion, antique works of art, mobiles, laptops, etc.
  • Seepage from deliberate non-maintenance
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown

Yes, you can claim for loss of personal belongings if you Buy Home Insurance Online from Find a Plan. However, there must an agreement on the insurance policy regarding compensating forthe loss of personal possessions.