Frequently Asked Questions

Not every business needs this type of coverage. It is recommended to reach out to Find a Plan and the customer assistance team will explain it to you in detail. To get an idea, keep in mind that Business Insurance Services is not applicable for loss of revenue.

A company with no physical address or a business individual like a contractor does not applyto this policy. But, for storefronts or main street businesses (like an eatery or coffee shop), this insurance is a must.

If you are looking for a Business Insurance Policy Online from Find a Plan, there are a couple of factors and limits that you must know. For instance, factors like the type of industry, employee strength, revenue, location, and business risk – all are taken into account. Get in touch with us for a quote.

As all businesses vary, it is impossible to have a standard policy to cover all types of businesses. Also, some businesses regardless of their stature, do not fit the profile of a Business Insurance coverage. It is best that you contact us and we can find the best policy and coverage to insure your business.

Yes, you can insure your business and its belongings in a building on your rent or lease. Some of the factors that you need to evaluate on what and how much to insure the properties vary. Find a Plan that can pick the right policy for you – so, get in touch with our team.