Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy the Best Term Life Insurance Plan even if you regularly use smoke or alcohol. However, those who use tobacco or alcohol pay higher premiums than those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

There is no such right time to buy term life insurance. You can purchase it at any point in your life. However, experts at Find A Plan suggest in investing term life insurance as early as possible so that can enjoy its benefits the maximum even while paying a low premium amount.

No! A term insurance premium from Find A Plan remains the same every year once the policy is issued to the holder.

Yes, you may! But, experts advise people to buy the Best term insurance plan in the 50s or 60s only if they are financially sound and have dependants to look after. Although having a term life insurance policy can be fulfilling in terms of ensuring financial stability & securing your life post-retirement – yet, it is always advised to start from your 20s.